Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

“I must not snooze my alarm, I must not snooze my alarm.” I am desperately telling my brain as I lay in bed Wednesday 16th March. I am ready.

The morning alarm rings 6:30am, and without hesitation I’m awake. I know the importance of this day. Thursday 17th March. Over the days and weeks this day so constantly spoke and read about. It’s the day the 2016/17 Huddersfield Town season cards go on sale and like a child on Christmas morning I run downstairs.

Everything is ready, I was prepared. I was not missing out. The night before, and until now having to write about I did not realise how embarrassing this might be, I had set-up the laptop the night before.

I check my phone, 6:47am…what seems like a lifetime passes, I check again. 6:47am!!!!!! This cannot be possible. I text my dad: “Hi Dad, are you awake. Have you called yet?” No reply. He must be on the phones. He’s as prepared as I am.

The phones on hold, the ticket office page is constantly being refreshed. I have my desired seat written on a scrap of paper. My girlfriend shouts from upstairs, I don’t hear her. I’m focused on the job in hand.

7:30am. I’m in. Pick your seat. I check the scrap paper. AA 112. One row and a few seats to the left of where my parents sit. Perfect. Close enough to enjoy any coffee left in their flask during half time. (Unless I fancy something a little stronger, which is normally the case).

I text again, they’ve still had no joy. I run upstairs to my girlfriend who is still half asleep and I chant “ooh to be a….” she humours me “Ooh to be a terrier”.

The email confirmation hits my inbox. I can relax. The only problem now is I’ve months to wait.

Let the season begin. Ooh to be a…


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