Who, What, Where and When

I sit there staring at my computer, wedding invite in one hand my mouse in the other. I click the link to take me to the fixtures, as the pages loads I glance again at the invite…. You’re invited. Thursday 18th August. Lativa.

I can’t help but hide the disappointment; so much so, my colleague beside me asks “is everything ok?” I simply reply “Its Barnsley at Home!”

The wedding of one my best friends’ is in Latvia over the weekend we are scheduled to play one of our biggest rivals, Barnsley FC. I begin to think; Can I get my money back? What excuse can I give? Do they get Sky Sports in Latvia? I consider writing to the FA and plea my case.

A few deep breaths later I turn my attention to other fixtures. Who are we playing first? Brentford. The perfect chance to exact revenge on the thumping we received on the final day of last season. Yes! That will do nicely.

Newcastle then Villa, both away. I’m excited. These are the matches you want. This is what we are striving for. I’m not scared or nervous.

Leeds? Leeds? Leeds? When is Leeds? I see it, the yellow and blue of their badge. I feel my pupils dilate. Saturday 10th September. Nothing will come in my way of this fixture.

As I scroll down I search and wonder will my Christmas be merry, will I have a happy new year. With home fixtures to Nottingham Forest and Blackburn respectively, if we play to our potential I should enjoy a jolly festive period.

An away trip to Rotherham to celebrate St. Valentines. A tricky fixture that could leave me feeling heart broken. But I know I will forgive the lads and welcome them back into my arms the following Saturday as we host Reading.

I continue to scroll to view the final fixtures, my thoughts wonder to years gone and how I would normally consider these fixtures and the fear of relegation. Only this year it’s different, my mind runs wild with “we could beat them”, “That should be 3 points”, “a tough away fixture, but winnable”. I’m dreaming of the play-offs or better.

Saturday 6th August, Brentford at Home. 3pm kick-off. Let the countdown begin.

Ooh to be a…


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