The Big Home Kit Reveal!

It’s Friday afternoon and as I’m sure most of you experience too, the office chat turns too “Any plans for the weekend?”…And as it stands I don’t. My attention turns back to my computer and to the Internet and where else but

Interesting, I think to myself. Perhaps I could have plans for tonight. The new 2016/17 Huddersfield Town Home Kit is due to be released at an exclusive launch event at the Odeon cinema beside the ground, for the mere fee of £5.

Now I appreciate the Sinicism of some fans as this is a new experience for the Huddersfield faithful. But I like this, it adds magic and excitement. So the text message is sent.  To Dad “Fancy the Kit Launch tonight? I’ll drive!” his reply “I’d love to but can’t, if you go keep me updated!” Oh well nevermind I think.

I ooh and aah about going alone, I ask my girlfriend, she’s isn’t interested. Brother, no reply. It’s now 6pm and I don’t even know if there are any tickets left. I decide to give it a miss.

Instead I opt for twitter in the hope that one of my fellow terriers is feeling sneaky…I am not disappointed. A tweet appears that mentions the launch, but as quick as it appears its gone. What is this sorcery!! Huddersfield have taken over the internet. I love the theatre and drama of it all.

And I know why Huddersfield are making such efforts to keep things private. There’s news on top of the kit and it must be big!! We purr for a new signing….

Finally the curtain comes down, there it is. The famous blue and white. And for keener eyed, we see signs of years gone by. The style has resemblance to Super League Panasonic shirt of the 95/96 season. A Bold stripe with a classic white collar. It turns out love at first sight does exist.

Hang on though…who is this? I don’t recognise him. It is a new signing.  I knew it. Welcome Elias Kachunga. A new kit and a new signing. Well played Huddersfield. I for one am impressed. I like the concept of a Kit Launch, and for £5 if this is something they do next year I will be going, regardless of whether I go alone or not.

I’ll take a Large, Short Sleeved please.

Ooh to be a…


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