Refresh, Refresh, Refresh….Finally. The page loads and there it is, the story we’ve all been waiting for, “the lads” as we all so affectionately call them are back and there’s an entire photo gallery for us to enjoy, send to our friends and put on our computer desktops!

Pre-season has begun and I know I’m not the only one who has been waiting for this since the thumping we received on 7th May. But who cares about that, that was then. This is now. This is the #WagnerRevolution and this is David Wagner.

The Face of the Wagner Revolution. The Face of Huddersfield Town. The Face of Change. The Face of a town united in love for their club. The Face of optimism and what the future can hold.

And isn’t that what all us football fans want, isn’t that why we go week after week, year after year. For the chance to consider that maybe, just maybe this year might be our year. And those feelings are already taking over me.

The fans are talking, “we’re 28/1 to win the league”, “4/1 to finish top six”. Win the league??? Top six??? Surely these are things of mere fantasy for us Huddersfield fans?? Since our return to the Championship our standings don’t make for much reading…..2012/13, 19th. 2013/14, 17th. 2014/15, 16th. And our joint lowest, 19th last time out.

Well a lot can change in football, and change very quickly too. The Wagner Revolution, it appears, is in full swing.

For large parts of last season we saw glimpses of what we could achieve, the fast attacking gegenpressing football David Wagner so kindly snuck through customs and brought with him to Huddersfield but you can get carried away with this…the fans were calling out for more, a New No.9!!! More Goals. More Goals.

For the time being at least David has other things on his mind. It would appear for all the new footballing methodology he packed in his suitcase, he still had room in his carry on luggage for the more traditional view that you must “build a team from the back.” Because as they say, if you don’t concede you cannot lose.

We shipped 70 goals last season, something that David Wagner is clearly not happy with having signed an almost entirely new defence.

Introducing, Chris Lowe, Michael Hefele, a number of GK’s and record signing Chris Schindler. A record signing!!! And a defender at that. The Wagner Revolution is here, and I for one hope for a long time.

As I scroll through this Preseason gallery for the fifth time, photo after photo after photo, through all 68 photos again and again.  My excitement grows through each passing glimpse of a new player we can fall in love with, stand behind and follow into battle as we chant their name from the stands.

This is my team, our team. This is Huddersfield Town, and for now the possibilites are endless…

Ooh to be a….


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