Survival in Sweden

Building fires, constructing shelter and fishing for food are not the things you immediately associate with professional footballers, perhaps golf, flash cars and designer watches are more common.

But a recent trip to Sweden for the Huddersfield Town first team squad, including all coaching staff may have gone someway to alter that.

A trip designed to introduce the plethora of new signings into the group. To remove all technology and modern day comforts and throw a bunch of lads together and tell them quite simply “get on with it”.

Now, we all know that these people are talented footballers and perhaps for too long that’s all that has mattered. It would seem to me as though this isn’t enough for Mr David Wagner. He wants more. He wants a team of friends, a team of leaders, a team of warriors who are willing to sweat and work hard for one another.

A Team that regardless of whether we win, draw or lose the fans can walk away from the ground after those 90 minutes and keep their heads held high and feel a sense of pride in knowing that we’ve battled and tried our very best.

This trip on the surface may appear to some as a pleasant little break for the lads to get to know one another, but I suspect Mr Wagner had a hidden agenda. He wanted to test his team and discover how they cope as individuals and as a team in a difficult environment without being able to rely on anyone else other than themselves or their teammates.

You may think of this trip as something quite insignificant to how the upcoming season will go, but just bare this trip in mind the moment one of our boys gets fouled and study the reaction of his teammates.  Think of this trip the moment we over come adversity on a cold Tuesday night and watch how we celebrate.

This trip will have been hard for some of the players, but I hope that on reflection they understand just how important it may prove to be.

The season is long and tough in the championship. We need a team prepared to pull together and shelter one another when times get tough. To trust their teammates, to recognise the opportunity to strike out and catch their goal.

Prepare the armour and hoist the flags, Huddersfield Town are ready for battle.

Ooh to be a…


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