Guiseley 0 – Town 1

A screaming Sean Scannell strike tamed the Lions last night!

Ok, a slight exaggeration, but it’s the first friendly of preseason, I can be forgiven for getting a little carried away.

With all the excitement surrounding the new signings it was an old favourite that sealed the deal. Scannell’s goal just before half time was enough to secure victory, a goal which perhaps sums up the match…a little bit rusty!

David Wagner himself admitted after the match: “There was a little bit of harmony missing – totally normal at this stage – but we also had some good moments.” But to come out of the game having controlled proceedings, played well in patches and the entire squad have played 45 mins, the only criticism if any is the lack of goals.

Having not attended the game I can only base my opinion on the Huddersfield Town Twitter account, which during games provides a commentary service, although you could accuse them of a little bias (BLASPHEMY. 7 Hail Mary’s!!!).

I spent 90 minutes glued to my phone, constantly refreshing the page, impatiently waiting for the next update – “come on Town it’s been 42 seconds since your last update…Honey, Is the Wi-Fi on? My tweets are loading!!!

Admittedly the team have only been back together for 6 days so I don’t this performance and result is worth picking at too much. With no new injuries to report and that winning feeling, I think last night can be seen as a success.

A mention must also go to Jordan Williams, First Year Scholar at the club. Whilst most lads his age are attending their prom, all suited and booted. Jordan Williams was coming off the bench to play for the Huddersfield Town First Team.

Well Done Jordan! Keep up the good work.

Ooh to be a…


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