Football Manager, we’re not friends

Like most Football Fans we turn to the online forums and the back pages of the local rags. The Examiner is the paper of choice for the Huddersfield faithful, and I must admit if you can ignore all the pop-up adverts, the content is really quite entertaining considering that I suspect most days in the Huddersfield camp just tick along the same way as the day before and the day ahead.

So the Examiner must become creative in producing engaging News Stories day after day, and it was the headline “Football Manager simulates the 2016/17 season – Find out how Huddersfield Town get on” (written by Alexandra Porter) that really caught my eye.

That is because, like a large majority of the football community, I have spent tireless hours on the very popular computer game “Football Manager”. A game that allows the player to become Manager of their chosen Club, deciding on who to play, sign, sell, practically every aspect of managing a football club.

And of course for me there is only ever one team I should be, my beloved Huddersfield Town. (Sorry Dave, you can pick your P45 up on the way out)

If you have no knowledge of this game you should know that it becomes all-consuming. It takes over. You’re eating, you’re thinking of Football Manager. In the shower, you’re thinking of Football Manager. Celebrating your wedding day, you’re thinking of Football Manager.

I would regularly sit at work clock watching, praying for 5pm, I would drift off in meetings thinking of which young prospects are worth the investment, or how can I convince Jonathan Hogg to change his mind after deciding to retire having suffered a serious injury.

To succeed on this game, this is the level of dedication required. The game itself is extremely accurate in its data, it’s rather scary how regularly you think “I used to sign that player 5 years ago and he would develop into a superstar” after seeing that Barcelona have signed the very same player.

All of this led to my excitement when I saw this headline.  But my excitement quickly turned to disappointment when I read “And if Football Manager is to be believed, they can expect to rise to 18th place this year – two places behind West Yorkshire rivals Leeds United.

18th??? 18th??? Is this a joke. That can’t be true. Not this Huddersfield, my Huddersfield, our Huddersfield. Not this season. This season will be different.

For years I have believed that Football Manager know their onions. Not now. I can’t believe this. We’ll show you Football Manager. What do you know!!!!

One last thing though, when does the new game come out?

Ooh to be a…


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