Get your Kits out

With the new 2016/17 Kit hitting the shelfs today, I wanted to pay homage to kits gone by. Although a trademark of the modern shirt, and if you were to mention the thought it would be considered treason and punishable by law Huddersfield Town did not originally wear blue and white stripes.

In fact it wasn’t until the last 1910’s, and they have been the clubs colours ever since, excluding a brief stint in the sixties where we wore completely blue shirts, but it was the sixties, I suspect some form of narcotics led to this decision and it was back to tradition in 1970.

Over the years we have had a number of manufacturers from Eagle to Matchwinner, Admiral to Umbra, right up to our current manufacturer Puma. I feel commercially responsible to also mention sponsors of yesteryear, so here goes…Rekorderlig Cider, Kirklees College,, Yorkshire Building Society, Prime to Recruitment, Panasonic, Pulse, Gola, Greenmails, Daihatsu and Central Mirfield.

Those Town fans with a keen eye for detail will notice an exclusion from that list, and it was with intention that I choose not to include it. The missing name is the Yorkshire Air Ambulance because it was not them who sponsored us, we sponsored them.

In an act of charity, to my knowledge only ever matched by our Spanish counterparts Barcelona (not bad company), we paid them money in the agreement, not the other way around.

Just like fashion, music and technology in order to remain current you must change and Football kits are no different; collar to no collar, coloured socks to plain socks, thin stripes to thick stripes, light blue to navy blue.

You can tell that the new designs takes it inspiration from the world outside. The world of vintage clothing, of shabby-chic furniture, of reformed rock bands. The new kit is no different, the wider stripes, the white band for the sponsor, the classic open collar all take inspiration from the Famous 1997-1999 Shirt. Manufactured by Pony and sponsored by Panasonic.

2016/17 Season. The season style returns to Huddersfield, both on and off the pitch.

Ooh to be a…


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