We all love a new signing, don’t we?

Most football fans have spent the summer trolling the internet and papers for any slither of a potential transfer rumour, all waiting for the day that the club makes an official announcement.

I say most, because I believe there are a small minority that perhaps don’t share in our excitement. I am referring to match day announcers. Those few people entrusted with reading out the teams before Kick-off. Those people who have hundreds and thousands of spectators hanging on their every word, waiting to hear who’s made the starting XI. Those people who are so regularly ridiculed by the away fans.

Let me introduce Paul Ramsden, the resident announcer at Huddersfield Town. With an air of charisma, cheeky playfulness and a big bushy beard (subject to shaving) his entertaining light-hearted approach is very much welcomed both before and during the match.

But I worry for Paul, and fully suspect he makes up the minority of fearing the next new signing. So far this season we have signed a whole host of players, and for Paul’s sake it’s not good news.

Having signed such players as; Ivan Paurević, Michael Hefele, Chris Löwe, Christopher Schindler, Jon Gorenc Stanković & Elias Kachunga. For Town the days of Clarke, Booth and Holdsworth are long gone; I hope Paul has booked himself some elocution lessons.

Some announcers get around this and sneakily engage their audience into participating; they say their first name (the easy part) and allow the fans in the stand to bellow out their surnames (the hard part) and don’t try and pretend it’s for our benefit.

As fans we are already speculating about the next signing, safe in the knowledge we can get away with, “go on lad”.

Ooh to be a…


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