In football it is common place for players to move clubs, and in top leagues of world football, move country. For the likes of Huddersfield, signing foreign players has been a little less common, to my memory, we have only shopped within the British Isles for the majority.

With a German First Team Coach in charge for the first time it comes as no surprise that search for new players has led back to his native country. Backed by the support of the club in pragmatic style, Huddersfield began the recruitment search for a Player Liaison Officer to work within the Football Operations department.

A shrewd move that had fans salivating at the prospect of an influx of foreign stars, and, myself included, routing out their CV’s and wondering how their skills could be adapted to suit the role so that we could get to work “behind the curtain”.

Through the article published 23 May 2016 it read: “The Player Liaison Officer shall: Provide support for players, their families and coaching staff during available office and unsocial hours”

My mind quickly began to fantasise about working with the players and getting to know them personally. “what he is like”, “Who is the funniest” Sadly however my cowardliness and fear of meeting my hero’s and not liking them meant I did not apply. (Much to my regret).

However i still wanted to play my part, so for those players who stumble across this, here is a guide to Huddersfield, and surrounding areas, and what there is to do….

Huddersfield is the quirky corner of West Yorkshire, that combines beautiful scenery with traditional market towns. A place diverse in culture, this unique destination is romantic and family friendly.

An area set to a stunning backdrop of flowing landscapes, with bold heritage that pours from its architecture. Castle Hill, that proudly sits on our club badge, offers glorious panoramic views of the town.

If you’re looking to let you hair down after a tough training session, then why go roller skating at Playworld (Roller-skating is undertaken at the players discretion. I am not liable for any injuries), or get the heart racing at Yorkshire largest Laserzone arena. Why not continue that winning feeling at ten pin bowling.

Load the kids in the car and jump around at The Zone’s enormous indoor play gym. For older kids why not visit spooky Shuddersfield trail.

There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy, and if rumours are to believed speak to Sean Scannell for details of the local Nandos.

Huddersfield is an exciting hotbed of food, festivals and family fun.

Please click for German Translation

Welcome home.

Ooh to be a…


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