Oldham 0 Town 2

“Beep, Beep” echoes from outside, my ride to the game is here. A quick kiss goodbye, the usual checks, phone, money, keys and I’m ready. Today I opt for the 2001 Prime Time home shirt. It feels good to be back in the blue and white.

The journey to Oldham comes and goes before we know it, mile after mile eaten up over conversations of new signings and predictions. The car, a vacuum of optimism and hope.

Like a child on their way to the seaside, I shout; “I can see it, I can see it”. Boundary Park, the venue for today’s match. A ground that has all the footballing nostalgia an away supporter could hope for. Wooden turnstile doors, set to the backdrop of terraced streets, Boundary Park is rather charming in its own way.

In our over exuberance we typically arrive, like so many others, with well over an hour before kick-off, cue a pre-match pie and pint. The atmosphere is building; the excitement is on the face of every fan we pass.

We take our seats and eagerly wait to see “our boys”, the cones and balls are already in place, so we know we don’t have long to wait. Nevertheless every fan is sat looking in the direction of the tunnel.

The players finally appear to rapturous applause, each fan so desperate to name each player as they run out. The bibs are handed around, an indication to who we may see at Kick-off.

The whistle blows and we’re underway, set to the soundscape of the Oldham Athletic Supporters Choir, complete with 1 large bass drum, 1 topless man and copious amounts of alcohol. The game begins to take shape, Huddersfield largely dominate possession, control the pace of proceedings. With high fullbacks they make the pitch as wide as possible, at times looking as though they have extra men on the pitch. Oldham to their credit worked extremely hard and were a physical opponent, but did not pose much of a threat beyond this.

Seeing so many new faces for the first time, I was pleased with how comfortable the team looked. They clearly understand David Wagner’s ideas and methods and excluding brief moments stayed true to a fast paced possession style.

The game repeated the pattern of Huddersfield working the ball forward into good areas but lacked a little quality in the final delivery or attempt at goal. Individual plaudits are reserved for Aaron Mooy, he never looked rushed or uncomfortable on the ball, I can’t wait to see more of him.

On the stroke of the hour Town fans were treated to the changing of the guard. A reminder of just how good the depth of the squad is. With Oldham beginning to tire, Huddersfield were able to find more gaps and holes in the walls of their defence. Firstly young RB Williams, allowed to sneak in round the back, who was able to find Bunn, knife and fork in hand ready for him to lay it on a plate. 1-0 Huddersfield.

The blue and white army didn’t have to wait long to cheer once more, this time it was the turn of new signing Jack Payne to score with a close range header after a precise cross from Dean Whitehead. A passage of football that wouldn’t be uncommon in the pre-match patterns the players practice.

Today’s victory made it 4 out of 4 for David Wagner’s side and much like Town’s new away kit; the future for Huddersfield looks bright.

Ooh to be a…



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