Do we dare dream of a fourth star?

As I tear into the packaging I see my new Huddersfield Town shirt and without any hesitation, it’s on. My kitchen transforms into a scene more familiar with London fashion week that is until my girlfriend asks me “What are those 3 stars for?” I explain why, but then receive the following reply “Do you think you’ll ever see a fourth?”

A fourth, a fourth, I’ve never even consider a fourth. That is until now, with all the hype around the upcoming season, I sat and wondered…could it be worth pencilling in some time with the graphic designers for a redesign of the Huddersfield Town badge at the end of May?

My cynicism screams at me “RIDICULOUS”.

If we are to believe the bookmakers, then maybe it’s not so ridiculous. Sky Bet currently has Huddersfield at 40/1 to win the Championship outright with Wigan, Fulham, Leeds and Ipswich sharing the same odds. These are the teams, Huddersfield included, that have the potential to be dark horses. Not quite favourites, but a “Given a good run at the right time they’ve a chance” type team.

Sheffield Wednesday, last year’s play-off final runners up are at 14/1, with the all 3 relegated Premier League being heavily backed to bounce back immediately, Newcastle are at 7/4, Aston Villa at 8/1 and Norwich at 9/1.

What is worth remembering is that the Championship is its own beast and will be tough for all involved, regardless of Premier League pedigree. Sides have a lot to contend with over the course of season.

Suspensions happen; it’s a fact and generally can’t be avoided. Now I am not justifying a rash challenge as last men, or a stupid second yellow, but sometimes these things do happen. Plus you always get at least 1 decision that goes against you.

Injuries happen; most professional footballers are at their peak of physical fitness but this doesn’t prevent them for picking up a knock. Football and especially Championship football is a physical affair. Players need time to rest and mend. Although not quite to the level of Rafa “the tinkerman” Benetiz, David Wagner is an advocate for squad rotation and believes in having two players per position.

Travelling happens; we’ve all seen the luxury coaches parked outside the stadiums and thought “they travel in style”. Regardless of comfort, travelling is still traveling and within the first week of the season Town must travel over 700 miles. Approx. 224 round trip to Shrewsbury, 242 to Newcastle and 238 to Aston Villa.  However, the Championship is awash with t’northern clubs this year, meaning Town will be one of the luckier clubs, travelling less overall.

Football in its nature is unpredictable so I must return to the games oldest cliché; let’s just take it one game at a time.

But let’s also keep the design teams’ number on file. Just in case.

Ooh to be a…


Please note: SkyBet odds are correct at time of writing but are likely to change. Other bookmakers are available.

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