A friendly, friendly

The friendship of David Wagner and Jurgen Klopp is well publicised, it seems the connection is made at any given opportunity. So, as the bandwagon bumbled passed I thought I would jump on too.

In childlike eagerness of welcoming Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool to the John Smith’s for Wednesday night’s “Shankly Trophy” just what can we expect?

A lot of singing? “He’s better than Klopp. He’s better than Klopp.” A popular song choice amongst the Town faithful and one that will be heard ringing round the stadium on Wednesday evening. Sadly however at the moment I don’t believe this holds much truth, but this is not to say he can’t be. Through working together they clearly share the same ideologies for the game. But Klopp’s experience is currently unrivalled by that of David Wagner. A postcard from Griffin Park hardly lives up to that of the Europa League final, but these are the experiences you must first have to become a manager worthy of such a stage.

Will friendship get the better of them? Preseason matches are generally not played at full tilt, and I don’t expect to see players’ flying into tackles, however I do expect to see a competitive game of football played between two attack-minded teams. Despite their friendship I doubt Klopp will “go easy” on Huddersfield. Through his management style I do expect to see some young blood in his side, but with the season opener around the corner I believe we should see some first team regulars too. Klopp is on record as saying “It’s good if the opponent is hard and well organised. We need these moments in the preseason to go through.” Not to say there won’t be some fun had along the way.

A big attendance? Obviously, the club has announced the game is SOLD OUT!  Ticket sales are reported to have passed the 21,000 mark, surpassing the current record of 20,042 that watched the Terriers take on Argentinean side Independiente back in January 1954. Most spectators will probably be young Liverpool fans disguised as Town fans, but it could be the game that plants the seed.

An addition to the trophy cabinet? The spoils of victory, a lovely glass chalice. Like the one’s your Grandparents used to keep “for best”.  And these spoils are not to be shared,f the match ends in a draw a winner must be determined via a penalty shoot-out. Clear the streets, there’s an open-top bus parade coming through.

The first taste of home football for Huddersfield fans has a lot of ingredients to make for a delicious slice of footballing cake. Let’s just hope there’s a cherry on top.

Ooh to be a…


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