A Game of Numbers

Football has always been a numbers game: 3-5-2, the big number 9, 50/50 challenge and a 6 pointer. But what if up until now we’ve been focusing on the wrong numbers?

With our pockets getting deeper and our arms getting shorter, can we afford to go to the football anymore?

For a long-time I have gone without a season ticket simply because I was unable to afford one. I wanted to look back at last season and the numbers that really matter.

We all love the excitement of a day out at the footy, wearing our team’s colours, reading the match-day programme with a cuppa, the traditional pie at half-time, but how much does it really cost us?

Here’s how Huddersfield lined up during the 2015/16 season:

  • Cheapest Season Ticket £262.00
  • Most Expensive Season Ticket £560.00
  • Cheapest Match-day Ticket £10.00
  • Most Expensive Match-day Ticket £38.00
  • Programme £2.00
  • Pie £3.20
  • Tea £2.00
  • Replica Adult Shirt £40.00
  • Replica Jnr Shirt £32.00

But let’s put these in perspective…

Firstly we need a ticket; Town offered the equal cheapest match-day ticket, matched only by Reading and Derby County. The most expensive ticket could be found at Sheffield Wednesday, a whopping £52.00 with Ipswich Town, Fulham, Brighton & Hove Albion and Leeds United all charging over £41 for theirs.

That’s the ticket sorted, let’s have a nosey inside the club shop. Rotherham United were the cheapest adult shirt retailer at £39.99, 1p less than Huddersfield but a whole £10 cheaper than Blackburn Rovers who charged £49.99 for an adult shirt.

The shirt’s on, we’re ready to take our seat and wait for kick-off. We need a programme and a cuppa. At Town you would get change from a fiver, with the total cost being £4. (£2 programme/£2 tea). The going rate for programmes in the championship appears to be £3, with QPR, Fulham and Brighton & Hove Albion charging 50p more. Griffin Park is home to the cheapest café, were you can get a cuppa for £1.60.

The half-time whistle goes and we join the queue praying that they’ve a <<insert flavour>> pie left. Those queuing at Ewood Park will be pleasantly surprised to see pies priced at £2.60, whilst supporters of the Seagulls will need to dig a little deeper as pies cost £4.10 down at the Amex.

The final whistle goes and you’ve beaten your rivals and leapfrogged them in the league table, PRICELESS.

Ooh to be a…

Source: BBC – Click here for details

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