Young Guns, can we expect another DVD?

In May 2004, Huddersfield Town were promoted from the Nationwide Third Division with the youngest squad in the club’s history. 12 months later, after their best finish to a season in more than 80 years, Town ended up just one point away from the Coca Cola League One play-offs – with an even younger squad! This is the story of how those youngsters rose to the challenge.”

This Ladies and Gentlemen is of the course the description for the blockbusting motion picture “Young Guns – Six Reason to get behind Town”.

But what are these six reasons I hear you cry?

  • Andy Holdsworth, Right Back, 23 years old
  • Jonathan Worthington, Centre Midfield, 22 years old
  • David Mirfin, Centre Defender, 24 years old
  • Nathan Clarke, Centre Defender, 23 years old
  • John McAliskey, Striker, 23 years old
  • Adnan Ahmed, Centre Midfield, 23 years old

The Young Guns, six of our younger players that both featured on the cover and during the seasons of 2004/05 and 2005/06. At the time these home-grown youngsters gave the fans some belief again.

I have always been a supporter of young players been given an opportunity, they can play without fear or restrictions. They’re willing to try things that some older players may be too long in the tooth and sceptical about the outcome.

Recent signings would suggest that Huddersfield have been fishing in the fountain of youth again and it comes as no surprise, after all David Wagner’s only other managerial role was with Borussia Dortmund II a club that under Jorgen Klopp promoted the inclusion of exciting young players.

Here are David Wagner’s new set of “Young Guns”…

  • Phillip Billing, Centre Midfield, 20 years old
  • Kyle Dempsey, Centre Midfield / Right Back 21 years old
  • Tommy Smith, Right Back, 24 years old
  • Joe Lolley, Winger, 24 years old
  • Jack Payne, Attacking Midfield, 22 years old
  • Elias Kachunga, Forward, 24 years old.

With the season heading towards its beginning, the same sense of believe from the fans and the possibility that anything can happen, Town better dust off the hats and chaps and get the camera out of the loft.

Ooh to be a…


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