The Terrier Identity

The Yorkshire Terrier is, in it’s description extremely intelligent and always eager and willing to please. They sometimes possess an attitude, but in the right hands and with the correct amount of attention they can form strong bonds.

Put aside the geographical connection, this animal embodies qualities that could prove very useful on the pitch. I’m sure we’ve all heard David Wagner reference these characteristics as he tries to feed the terrier identity into his group.

For a bit of fun I thought I would delve into the archives and come up with a true “terrier XI”:

GK – Pat “the dog” Glennon

RB – Martin Great Danie

CB – Nathan Bark

CB – Anthony Stray

LB – Joel Leash

CM – Jonathan Dog

CM – Jacob Mutterfield

CM – Dennis Paw

LW – Joe Collie

RW – Sean Spaniel

ST – Alan Flea bag


SUBS – Jack Hound, Andy Mutler, Lee Growler, Darren Bulldog, James Bassett, Harry Bone

Manager – Chris Growl


If you have any suggestion Tweet me @giveusanh1617


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