Memory lane: “The Swan”

Huddersfield Town is a club proud of its history, even with pragmatic Head Coach David Wagner and entrepreneurial Chairman Dean Hoyle, the club’s heritage is still a strong part of its identity.

In a semi-regular feature, I will be looking back over the years reviewing my memories of following this wonderful football club, for those of a nervous disposition, I must warn you they may not always be positive. As they say, you can’t have the rainbow without the rain, and I think it’s fair to say it’s pissed it down over the years.

In this first chapter I will be looking back at something I think we all have happy memories of…“The Swan”. “The Swan”, majestic, beautiful and throughout the 2009/10 season it had bizarrely migrated to the then Galpharm Stadium.

Much like the optimism the club and the town itself, are currently enjoying my memories of the 2009/10 season, albeit in League one, provoke very similar feelings. It was the first full season in charge for both Dean Hoyle and Lee Clark, who would take Town to a 6th place finish, unfortunately succumbing to Millwall in the play-offs.

Despite falling short of their main aim, there was much to be enjoyed, a great kit, attacking football and some exciting new signings, sound familiar?

The highlight for me however, was the introduction of “The Swan”, a goal celebration like no other I had seen before it. A modern day twist on the classic raised hand in the air, made famous by the likes of Shearer and Cole. The players I guess, wanted to be forward thinking too, that or they were just doing it for a laugh.

In a squad that boasted such infectious personalities as Gary Roberts, Anthony Pilkington and Lee Peltier, perhaps it should have come as no surprise when they would combine their technical abilities with their fun personalities.

“The Swan” as it affectionately became to be called, needs no explanation for its nickname, mainly because you had players running around the pitch imitating the animal. But what I did wonder was why? And how it came about?

After racking my brains and speaking to other family members, we nor I could not pinpoint its birth, which led me to get in touch with the lovable Gary Roberts who kindly cleared up all confusion, sort of….take a look for yourself, pictured below:


In 2009/2010 Town would be the second highest goal scorers in the league and “The Swan” would become synonymous with sticking one in the onion bag, particularly for the aforementioned players. Roberts and Pilkington would both find the net 7 times, with a host of other ‘Cobs’ getting in on the act. They’d all charge away, lined-up, arms raised.

Sadly however, as Roberts pointed out in his message, Lee Peltier would go the entire season and not get his name on the score sheet. Don’t worry Lee, goals will be forgotten, “The Swan” won’t!

Originality: 10/10

Difficulty: 2/10

Style: 10/10

Ooh to be a…


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