Memory Lane: Adam Clayton’s Beard

As Town languished at the wrong end of the Championship table just a few points keeping them from the ‘danger zone’ the blue and white army had little to cheer about. What they did have was Adam Clayton and his beard.

Football over the years has boasted some outstanding facial furniture. In the 80’s we had “the Tache”, thick and luscious, footballers such as Souness, Rush and Lawrenson, to name but a few, were all disciples of the lady tickler. The 90’s would see a return the clean-cut man-boy.  Attentions turned to the top of the head. Slicked hair, often with highlights, framed the face as “Curtains” became the hottest ticket in town, made famous by none other than Man Utd beauty David Beckham.

As the years continued to pass, we were teased with fleeting ‘Movember’ efforts, but football fans were left crying out for the return of some iconic facial hair.

In 2014 (and still going strong to this day) fans across the country were rewarded for their patience with the return of some serious facial hair. Huddersfield Fans had Adam Clayton and his beard. Clayton, who spent two years with the Terriers, put in some great performances and scored some wonderful goals along the way.

Adam Clayton has arguably been one of our more technically gifted players over recent years, yet despite his industrious work rate, composure or raking cross field passes, it will be his beard that fans remember so vividly. A thing of beauty, full bodied, thick, not over manicured but not overgrown either, visiting players, staff and fans were left in awe.

It even had its own Facebook fan page “The Adam Clayton Beard Appreciation Society” and much like the Chin Curtain, it sprouted in growth just as quick, and at a time had over 500 fans.

Sadly for Adam the beard baton has been handed to Town Head Coach David Wagner. If you’re interested in showing your appreciation, the page can be found here “David Wagner’s intermittent beard appreciation society

When the decision was made by Adam Clayton, or if rumours are to be believed, by his significant other Mandi Colley to shave off this magnificent Crumb Catcher it was not in vein, having died it blue and white for Town’s final game against Leicester City (2-0 defeat, if you were interested) he raised more than £3,000 for charity for his efforts.



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